Checkbook App Review

This app is just great, its wonderful I don’t think you’ll find any of its users grumbling about it. There are several reasons why I appreciate this app, first of all, I do not have to carry those receipts in my wallet anymore, which is a great relief. I used to overdraft before , but now thanks to “Checkbook” I’m able to keep track of of my expenditure. So no more getting into those awkward circumstances, when I sign a cheque that bounces, or run out of money because I think that my account has so much but really doesn’t. Its really a shame when that happens you know….


Well we are all used to giving our banks extra money as a result of overdrafts the problem majorly being partly ours and sometimes theirs as well, but whose to question them?? The people on the losing end are usually us. The only way to avoid this is when there is a proper transaction management, which can be focused on better by us, than them. Why not manage your own transactions, and why do we need to leave it to the bank to do it for us, who do you trust more??? Yourself or a stranger…..

The app is not all mathematical and with financial terms as such which might make you run a mile, but is very simple and easy to use and has everything that you need. Everything is easy to handle, but don’t forget to deduct the money spent from your account balance, as long as you have this in check, you are your best finance minister available, off course only if you have “Checkbook”. So go ahead and get a hold of the best finance partner you could ever have.

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