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Chess is an interesting game that requires a lot of mindwork. You must have played this game using traditional chess boards and on your smart device. But, did you ever know that there are different types of chess sets in the world? Do you want to discover the secrets of this ancient game? ChessSetArt is a unique app that helps you in learning about chess sets and their origin. The app brings you images of the most striking chess sets and their details.



What’s the app about?

ChessSetArt belongs to the education category in the Google Play store. It is a complete art-based, documentary app featuring 25 of the world’s greatest chess sets. It provides factual reports of various chess sets in the form of professional, high-quality videos. ChessSetArt is packed with information about popular, beautiful and valuable chess sets belonging to the 16th – 20th centuries.

Working of the app:

Once you open ChessSetArt, you will find 4 options – ‘Meet the collectors’, ‘Introducing the collection’, ‘The Sets Play all’ and ‘Play each set individually’. When you select the ‘Meet the collectors’ option, you will be able to gain knowledge about the collectors of these chess sets. They share the experiences they had as they went on journeys to collect the sets. ‘Introducing the collection’ gives an overview of the 25 chess sets that are made up of ceramic, metal, wood and other material. You will be amazed to see the various ways in which the pieces are designed.

‘The Sets Play All’ option allows you to watch all the 25 videos at a stretch. Each video elaborates on the history and the material used for making the chess set. ‘Play each set individually’ allows you to watch the videos one by one based on your preferences.


Special features of the app:

ChessSetArt has got visuals of excellent quality. It makes you feel like you have actually entered a museum. The Insects, Chinese Ivory, Delhi Jaggernauts, Meiseen Sea Life and Val St. Lambert Crystal are some of the chess sets that wowed me. The Insects chess set has butterflies as king and queen and the Val St. Lambert Crystal set is made up of clear, green crystals. My personal favorite is The Meissen Sea Life chess set, which contains various sea creatures like the octopus and star fish. One can’t help but wonder how much these eloquent chess sets cost.

ChessSetArt is suitable for people of all ages and has got pleasant background music. As the app requires full Internet connectivity, there are chances of interruptions in between, especially if you are exploring the app while traveling. The price of the app can be reduced to benefit more users.

ChessSetArt is packed with information and is sure to delight all chess enthusiasts. It costs $9.99 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Rating: 4/5

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