Space-Zoo-Fangogo Comics

A Visit To Space Zoo Fangogo

What Is The App All About ?

Space Zoo Fangogo is developed by manamong. It is a comics app. It revolves around the story of some interesting space creatures.


Whats Inside The App ?

Have you ever visited a Space Zoo ? Then this the opportunity for you to see different kind of creatures in the Space Zoo. Here you interact with them by see,feed,treat and nurture them. You can do all these from your Android mobile device Isn’t that cool !. When you tap open the app you land on the home screen, where you will find the book list. You can download the books in four languages – English,Korean,Japanese, and Chinese. There is one button in the top one is the ‘Refresh’ button once pressed it will refresh to find out whether there is any new books released.


In every story you have a short cut to navigate, when you tap on the page you will get navigation bar in the bottom of the page. This bar will show all the pages in thumbnail, so that it will be easy for you to navigate to any part of the book when you want rather than flipping page by page. In the top of the page there is the home button – that will take you to the home page. A book list button – that will take you to the book list, a bookmark button – with which you can bookmark the current page, a bookmark list button – tapping on which you will be able to see the list of bookmarks. And finally the ‘i’ button that will take us to the page showing details about the Developer and the app.

This comics app is unique when compared to other apps. Normally apps of this niche have static content, but Space Zoo Fangogo has interactive content that is interesting to read, watch, and hear. You have multimedia contents like 2D animation videos, with wonderful background music and 3D backgrounds. This app also has puzzles in between to keep the kids engaged. The story itself is make funny to keep the kids laughing all the time.


Wonderful video,music, animation and graphic works. And UI is easy to use. I give 4 out of 5.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5


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