ALW – Almost Live With: Provides A Great Platform to Communicate and Hang Out with Your Loved Ones and Mates

Almost Live With (ALW) is categorized primarily as a messaging app, and it still integrates plenty of the basic features that you can expect from such apps like voice messages, voice calling, text messages, and chats. ALW includes all of these essential tools but it also takes the initiative in organizing your messaging endeavors for you as evidenced by its general interface.

Any new user would be automatically given a brief tutorial of the app’s interface and basic functionalities, so it really won’t take time forjust about anyone to get used to it. You will find that the Hub tab, for instance, works similarly as a social media feed. Here, you can interact with any Card (events that are represented by images or photos you take which you can upload) that your friends share.

You may also immediately notice that there are different groups (Family, Buddies, Others, and Lounges) in the Hub. As can be promptly perused from these labels, these groups are where you can place and organize your Mates (users whom you’ve added as friends in the app). Each one has its own separate feed so you can conveniently separate these aspects of your daily communication. The Hub, in fact, works closely with a user’s Board, which is where you can actually start uploading, posting and sharing your thoughts.

You will find that by going to the NBT (Next Big Thing) tab in your Board, you can select what type of Card you want to share (it could either be a Date, Prom, or Other). Your Mates (users whom you’ve added as friends in the app) have their own corresponding Board and Zone from which he can start sharing his thoughts using various media like text, photos and even video snippets. Additionally, the icons on the upper right-hand side connote to the groups in your Hub so you only need to tap on their corresponding icons

The Board adds other nifty features like the ability to promptly create collages from your pictures as well as the Hooked On tab, from which you can share your favorites, hobbies, and interests. In the ALW Mates tab, you would be able to perform live chats and calls with your friends. Lastly, Lounges, true to their name, are where you can relax and enjoy group discussions on any topic under the sun.

The seamless way in which the app has organized one can do communication in both dual and group conversations is one of its undeniably remarkable qualities. Of course, the fact that the app doubles as a Social network is another aspect that only makes it more unique. The said qualities make this app worth using not only as a messenger app but also as a great place (albeit digital) to spend quality time with friends and family.

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