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Call Recorder | Total Recall 2 – Beats The Rest Flat Foot! Learn Why You Must Install It

When call recording is something absolutely necessary, you need a call recorder that will deliver the best results in terms of quality voice output, as well as reliability. With the inception of powerful Android mobile devices into the market, the stage is set for quality call recording apps that will only deliver what developers say they are capable of.

Voice Recorder App for Android

What we are introducing is an Android call recorder app that does more than your average call recorder can do. It’s one kind of an app that you can’t fail to download and install onto your smartphone when call recording is something that matters to you.

Developed by Killer Mobile(R), Call Recorder offers users a unique experience, backed up by a reliable and powerful call and voice recording features like no other in the market. And this time round, previously subscribed Total Recall users can now order both their number and IMEI for free registration, nothing to pay.

Your typical call recorder will only capture voices for the sake of it, no guaranteed quality. But unlike all these apps, Total Recall 2 has been designed to capture audio from both sides of the call on compatible devices. Users already agree that when call recording is something of great importance, then Total Recall 2 is an app to trust.

Total Recall 2 for Android

That said, what exactly, and how unique is Total Recall 2 from the rest of the apps we see on the Android market?

* Of course you can manually or automatically send your recorded audio to your email account. You can upload to Gmail, Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote and many more.
* Total Recall 2 app is more user friendly than its contemporaries. You don’t have to fumble with the controls when you intend to record an in-coming call. It’s all there, and you’ll always know what to do when you want to record audio.
* This app comes with super-powerful Widgets for manual recording as well as quick access to the app when you don’t have much time.
* Record your files and name them without much hassle. Take advantage of the flexible record naming wizard to execute this task.
* Users have direct control over where and how calls can be stored.
* Record calls manually or automatically, record specific numbers or contacts for later reference.
* Lock all your files with a password that’s unique, no unauthorized access except with your permission.
* Enjoy 24 hours support via email or forum just in case you are stack.
* For the paid users, they are entitled for free updates.
* It’s the only call recorder which is compatible with more than 10 languages all across the world. It supports English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Polish and many more.

The Cons:
Two-sided call recording is not possible with all android devices available in the market. Again, some devices need ROOTING in order for the app to work efficiently. Total Recall 2 tends to work better in rooted devices than those without this feature. However, this is never a big concern to most users. If you believe that your app is still not working properly, you can contact support and you’ll be advised appropriately.

Smart Voice Recorder App

Here’s just a quick list of compatible devices, though it’s not a comprehensive list:
1 Galaxy S4 (i9500)
2 Samsung Galaxy Note 3
3 Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300)
4 Galaxy S4 Advance
5 UK S4 (i9505)
6 Galaxy Note 2/II (N7100 & other variants)
7 Sony Xperia Z
8 Plus many more!!

What else is unique about Total Recall 2?
We also noticed that call recording via Bluetooth Headset in some rooted devices may be possible with this app.

If you truly need an Android app that takes call recording to the next level, then Total Recall 2 is the only leading app that can get the job done the way you want it. It’s excellent and performs pretty well in most Android devices.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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  1. shubhijain176

    I am running this app since last few years and i am fully satisfy with this app.

    Thanks Total recall team. Best of luck !!

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