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Call Your Loved Ones Abroad at Affordable Rates with Comfi Call International

Bothered about making international calls from your Android phone? Tired of using calling cards all the time? Worried about the increasing international call rates? Well, Comfi Call International is here to wipe out all your worries.

Comfi Call International is an Android app which allows you to call your friends, family or anyone abroad at cheap calling rates. It eliminates the need to use calling cards. The application helps you save up to 98% of international call charges.

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You can set up the app in quick simple steps. After you’ve loaded the app, you will be prompted to activate your mobile number with the app. Once you’ve set up your Comfi account, the app recognizes the contacts from your address book and lists all the international contacts.

The app works only in the U.S. right now. The working of the app is pretty cool. Having recognized the international numbers from your contacts, the app automatically assigns appropriate U.S. local numbers to each of them. So, when you make calls abroad, your calls will be treated only as local calls and billed as per your calling plans.

The app comes with four different tabs. The ‘Intl. Contacts’ tab fetches international contact numbers and assigns U.S. dialing numbers automatically for you to make calls easily. The ‘Recent’ tab stores the log information of the very recent calls that you made. You can refer to your recent call history in a detailed manner.

There is a ‘Keypad’ tab next to the Recent tab. Using the Keypad tab you can dial any international number or fetch the number without exiting from the app. The ‘Account’ tab allows you to check your mobile number and your current balance. You can also add credit and look at the purchase history of your account. There is an ‘Auto Refill’ option using which you can recharge your account with your credit card details.

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You can also get complete information about various international call charges and plans through the ‘Calling Rates’ option. You can reach Comfi’s customer care service through the ‘Customer Service’ option provided in the app. An exciting aspect of the app is that you do not require 3G or Wi-Fi to use it.

Comfi Call International has an appealing display with pleasant graphical elements. The navigation and the menu items are simple and easy to use. The sound quality of the calls through the app is also very good.

One of the things that bothered me is that when you change your phone number, you have to install the app again, as there is no way of updating your new number. In addition to this, it would be better if the services are available to people in other countries too. Apart from these drawbacks, Comfi Call International is truly a great app to make cheap international calls.

The app is available for free in Google Play and it requires an Android version of 2.1 and above.

Rating: 4.3/ 5

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