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Contactive – Discern The Right Decision of Answering the Call or Not!

Remember the days when you were still a kid? What did your parents use to tell you? Never talk to strangers. Now that you are a grownup, it doesn’t mean you just have to forget that, for the reason that you can never be certain of what agendas could be behind anyone’s call. I mean, presuming that the caller is someone you do not really know of based on the number that comes out of your phone’s caller ID.


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On another note, has it ever occurred to you? What am I trying to say? I’m referring to the part where life is actually about taking chances. What if the call you are receiving will actually mark a change in your life once you answer it? What if the call is so important – of great emergence – like maybe someone needs help and by not answering, you are actually contributing to the miseries they are about to face? These may sound crazy in thought, but they do make sense? While being certain with things is always ideal, it doesn’t mean you have to just let every unknown caller slip by. With the help of the right advancements these days, you can identify any caller not registered within your contacts. An app great to meeting that purpose would be Contactive.

What is Contactive?

The app has been contrived with the main goal of being able to identify millions of callers that are not registered in your contacts. It basically helps you determine whether you should answer the call or not. It is available for Android running phones.

How Does Contactive Work?

The app has a profound way of getting to know the unknown caller before you decide to answer or not. It has something called a Universal Caller ID which:

* Collects information straight from social media networks
* Gathers details from publicly obtainable sources with pure exactitude
* Comes with a certain algorithm that resonates with the Global Directory of the app

With these three main functions, you are definitely able to discern the right choice: to answer the call or not.

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Some notable features of the app would include:

The ability to merge contact info right from your social media accounts-An address book that arranges all the data gathered from your social media and other sources the app uses. The best part is that it’s done in real-time mode!-Having the chance to always talk about something by getting a so called cheat sheet from your contacts, entitling you of the latest updates that pertains to them

Contactive covers a wide variety of resources that includes Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, LinkedIn, Tango, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Places, Yelp and last but not the least, the Global Directory of Contactive Itself. Try the app now and never risk answering pranks calls, cold calls, or pretty much any type of call that won’t come to your favor.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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