iEvaphone: Making Free International Calls A Possibility to Users Worldwide

The thought of making free international calls may seem like an impossibility to most people, but without a doubt, many of us have wished it wasn’t the case. After all, it’s not only about the fact that you have to pay for them that bugs most of us, but it’s also that they tend to be very costly. This is especially true if you have to make international calls on a regular basis, either to stay in contact with your family or when doing business.

This is why you may be delighted by the fact that making free international calls is pretty much what iEvaphone is offering its users. And for anyone who has reservations about what this app claims, know that it gives its new users 10 free credits as a way for you to give its functionalities a try. You only need to enter your chosen phone number (in its international format) to get started. Once this is set, you can now tap the call button to begin your call.

The app is technically allowing users to make free international calls since they won’t have to use cash on hand to make them. Instead, users earn credits by doing a specific task like watching a short video or installing a sponsored app in their device.The activities that you can do to earn credits are not limited to this, though, as there are highly specialized ones that really require you to fulfill a certain objective in order to unlock credits. The credits that you can earn are readily visible next to the listed tasks.

Some tasks reward you with a much as 400 credits, which is already a substantial amount that would allow you to call someone internationally for a few minutes. Of course, it’s better to save your credits for longer calls as each country has a specific credit cost per minute.

Additionally, when calling a number, the credit cost of the call will always be displayed once you have typed in the number. This would allow you to anticipate the duration of your call based on the credits that you presently have as well. Take note that you can also liberally set your CallerID within the app. This is basically the phone number that will be displayed on the persons that you choose to call using this app.

A call app like this already has primary features that are strikingly similar to others of its kind. However, iEvaphone is sure to win the hearts of users because it actually offers their calls for cheaper credit costs. This means that you won’t have to watch hundreds of videos or install thousands of apps just to make a single call at no monetary cost. And considering that this applies to any phone, regardless of it being a mobile or home phone number, makes this app all the more worth getting.

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