iPlum – Low-cost Calling and Texting with a US Phone Number

iPlum is a handy voice over IP (VolP) calling and texting app for Android and iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads) that offers powerful calling and texting functionality with the unique feature of giving you a real US phone number that can be used anywhere in the world. iPlum uses your mobile data connection for calls and texts, which allows you to make very low cost calls when compared to traditional calling plans.

Users can make calls and send text messages to Landline and mobile numbers in over 200 countries around the world at very low calling rates. Whereas, iPlum users can make unlimited free calls or send unlimited free text messages to other iPlum users. This app can be used to give your iPad or Android tablet full phone functionality with a US phone number with voicemail and text. Yes, by using iPlum app, you can make or receive calls through your iPad or Android tablet using either Wifi connections or mobile data plans.

This app is available for download for free at Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. The app offers in-app purchases for call credits as well as monthly charge of $1 for US phone number.

Unique Features

The biggest unique feature of iPlum, which makes the app stand out from other similar VolP apps, is that it gives you a real US phone number for making and receiving the calls as well as texts. This unique number also comes with a true caller ID. You can make and receive calls using this number from anywhere in the world, thus opening a world of possibilities for both personal as well as business communication.

For example, US users travelling internationally can use iPlum to make calls to US numbers at very low costs compared to international roaming rates. Their US contacts can also make local calls to them on their iPlum number. iPlum also allows users to forward calls from their mobile number to their iPlum numbers. Similarly, visitors to the US can use this app to conveniently get a free local US phone number for making and receiving calls as long as they have access to a mobile data plan.

iPlum’s voicemail feature and unlimited free calls to US toll—free numbers also make the app stand apart from other similar apps and make it as an excellent choice.


  • Gives a local US phone number to users anywhere in the world at very low cost
  • Unlimited free calls to US toll-free numbers
  • Voicemail feature
  • Gives full phone functionality to your iPad or Android tablet
  • Very low calling costs compared to international roaming
  • Free app with no advertisements
  • Unlimited free calling/messaging for iPlumiPlum users


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app.


There are plenty of other VOIP apps available out there, but iPlum is very special and is easy to set up and use. This app will get rid of almost all of your roaming costs. Anywhere you have an Internet connection you can make calls for very low costs. If you do a lot of traveling then it’s certainly worth installing iPlum and registering for an account.

Price: Free

Download from Android Market

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