ITP Mobile Calling App Updated-Review

Well this is an app that any person who makes long distance calls can use. For example students who study overseas, parents and children who go overseas on work and many more people of the same categories can find a lot of benefit from apps like these.


ITP Mobile Calling App, is an app that enables you to make use of ITP’s low international calling rates, from your cell phones just by adding the free app to your mobile. The service provided is quick and easily accessible, and calling any foreign destination is just a tap away.

The service prevents the hassle of remembering long distance PIN numbers. Very user friendly especially for the elderly, for its not easy for them to remember long pin numbers. All you have to do is to turn on he app and you are connected to the ITP’s network, go ahead and dial your number and hear it ring in just a few seconds.

The best part is that the app is available for all smart phones and is use able on all services. One point to note is that, to use ITP Mobile Calling APP, you need to be a ITP customer. I’m sure your buddy for your next trip abroad would be “ITP Mobile Calling App”.

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