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While the years are passing by, even in the constantly changing world of the IT technologies, the old email system is still one of the most relevant ways of communicating and exchanging information. Even now, in the age of mobile devices, most people still rely on emails in their private and professional lives. Naturally, this means that many companies continue to look for ways how the email function can be enhanced. Now, a company called Flipdog Solutions created an app called MailDroid that can greatly expand the ability to use email on Android tablets and smart phones.

Android Email Client App

The app is really forgiving when it comes to its system requirements, mainly because it requires only Android 3.0 up to be installed from the Google Play store. Basically, it is an email client platform, operating by using IMAP/POP3Webdav protocols. Its core concept allows for using multiple accounts from a single app, covering IMAP servers, free email services based on the web, like Gmail, FastMail, Yahoo email or Hotmail, and also cloud-based servers for email. This feature alone could be life-changing for many users who now struggle with multiple email apps that not only take up their device’s memory and processing power, but also add an infinite amount of never-ending confusion when it comes to the question which email was used on what occasion.

MailDroid changes all this by converting all of the accounts into a single management platform. But it also adds many additional features, aside from the standard ability to write, edit, read and do everything else expected from email clients. The idle push function for IMAP protocol allows for support of all regular email clients while a search function for these and POP services allow for online searches. This is ideal for business users who constantly need to gain access to their online email servers. Aside from the current technologies, the app provides the Backup SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Provider option for sending emails. The MailDroid features a download function that will save attachments to an SD card and then allow viewing via a file explored and inbuilt file manager. At the same time, cloud support allows for sending the same files to services like Dropbox or Google drive.

The app’s features a support for MS Exchange 2003, but also 2007, 2010 and Office 365 servers, while its calendar integration will make time tracking according to an email history easier than it was ever before. On tablets, the app provides a split screen feature while many settings for customization allow for changing practically anything, from a signature to LED color notifications. It also allows many completely customizable themes for the app and its look and feel for the end users.

Email Management App

Naturally, with spam filters and password protection, the app makes sure that a user is protected as much as possible. The app also utilizes a support for Open PGP system, which is based on both the PGM MIME and the PGP inline protocols that provide a huge boost to the management of the email security, while S/MIME protocol provides support for the mail server that is being used. In the same case, encryption and signature use are available for the use of open PGP when it comes to the MIME format or, in the other option, the Inline format. Parallel to this, encryption process and use of signature with the use of S/MIME protocols are also an option for the app users. Simply put, using the MIME and PGP technologies, MailDroid can make sure that any message remains completely confidential. The app also provides the Backup SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Provider option for sending emails.

When the app is compared to other email clients, it is clear that MailDroid simply does not have any competitors. Its free version can be used right after a download while a premium has to be unlocked. But still, both versions provide a level of features and usability that no other app can even get close to when it comes to email management.

Because of its power and a wide array of abilities, MailDroid is the ultimate email applications. The same app will make the diverse email functions integrated into a single platform that can take care of any and all email related tasks.


Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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