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NET1IP for Your Android Device – Cheap IDD Calling

One of the biggest innovations of the world can be found in the niche of telecommunications. Just imagine how two persons from different sides of the peninsula are able to talk over the phone. Doesn’t that just amaze you? The only real downside about calling overseas is that it’s not really something affordable to anyone.

If you’re the the kind of person who’s still working on his way to financial success, it would always be a struggle for you to spend much just to talk to that very person you miss, because it would mean another big cut from the money you’re trying to save. On a rather positive note, mobile apps have become essential in many ways, including the means of communicating with people over the phone. Through NET1IP, you can turn your Android phone into the ultimate VoIP machine.

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What is NET1IP?

NET1IP is the newest and most effective VoIP app for the Android of today. Rather than having to set up an actual landline VoIP, which can get pretty hassling and messy with all the wiring, this app will utilize everything in the most wireless way possible. It’s like having the real thing at the convenience of your tattered jeans’ pocket — sleek, stylish and fully functional.

What Benefits Can You Get From NET1IP?

There are lots of benefits that you can get from NET1IP and you will surely not regret having downloaded this free app. But to give you some clarity, here are some of the major benefits you can acquire from the app:

* Save up to 80% of IDD calls
* Spend only a dollar for the subscription
* There’s no need to worry about contracts because there is none
* There’s no need for heavy installation processes because the app is very light
* You wouldn’t have to worry about call connect charges
* You wouldn’t have to spend a single cent for roaming charges

NET1IP for Android

In addition to that, it makes the perfect alternative for whenever you are experiencing signal issues with your phone’s original operator. Whenever you’re in a poor coverage zone, the app will automatically perform algorithms that will lead to the formation of signal absorbing mechanisms. So, you are saved!

If you are looking forward to have more happy moments with your love over the phone, NET1IP will definitely be the answer for that matter. IDD calling doesn’t have to be a luxury. With the help of an app like this one, the world will have better connections with each other minus the need for skyrocketing costs.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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