Networking taken to a whole new with the Smart Biz Cards application

Smart Biz Cards concept

Business cards are an essential part of any business as they communicate all that your reader needs to know briefly and effectively. And if you are a busy fellow, then your desk is probably full with a stack of those little cutouts waiting to be dished out to the next prospective client.

The Smart Biz Cards app, simply known as SBC, takes this old age tradition to a whole new level by eliminating the need for physical cards and instead going the electronic way with virtual cards. The application serves to make business cards not only easy to create and style, but also looks to transfer business networking to a paperless and tidy platform.

Features of the application

The SBC application is available for download at no cost on both Smartphone stores i.e. Google and Apple and its features are as follows:

  • Convenient unlimited digital business cards always at your disposal without making extra room in your pocket as all you need is trusty companion i.e. a mobile phone which you always have around with you most of them anyway. So no more bulging pockets with SBC.

  • Easy updates of any information that has changed such as address, phone number etc without having to throw your old cards in the dustbin or get a new batch and go visiting clients one by one to inform them of the alterations. Editing is as simple as a tap of a finger.

  • Fast contact detail updates of your client list which means if you customers sneeze, then you’ll surely know about it! You’ll always be abreast of any contact updates ASAP.

  • Numerous designs to choose from and you can even create your own or request one if you have specific ideas in mind. Ultimately, you can then share and exchange cards with all your contacts.

  • A detailed organiser that enables you to categorize your contact list into convenient groups akin to how a speed dial works.

  • SBC also includes a scanner for all your business card customization detailing.

Is it worth the try?

Well, the app might still be taking its baby steps, however, it has made quite the impression so far amassing all five stars on Google Play Store and also doing similarly well on the Apple platform too. With SBC, you can create your own business cards fast and easy. What’s more, your clients are not bound to lose their cards as is the case with the physical alternative that seems to enjoy getting lost in between the furniture.

Moreover, it’s a known fact that we spend a lot of time on our mobile phones so if you want your business cards to get a lot of attention then why not put them on the lovable device that is fast becoming man’s new best friend. It’s easy, it’s fun and more importantly, it’s remarkably effective. So give the Smart Biz Cards application a try today and see your networking become as easy as never before!

Price:  Free 

Download from Android Market