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RingSkin Customizes Android Call Screen in the Way You Want

Android is a great OS for mobile as it offers a lot of scope for customization with a huge market for apps. There is an app for anything and everything, but still users need to do some research to find a good app. I did the same today to let the old boring Android robot of the call screen die and found an app that is worth to have.


RingSkin is an app that adds that personal touch to the Android device by letting users customize the call screen. This app comes loaded with some well-designed skins and the decorations can be added to it. Users can make use of the images in ‘Gallery‘ of the device and select an image from it if they want. They can also set their favorite movie or music videos as their call screen and get video ringtones. That is really impressive.

Apart from assigning call screens for individuals, users can also set screens to groups. Therefore, this common image will show up on the screen when a caller from that group makes a call. This app also has one additional capability of blocking annoying callers. Users can avail this from ‘Manage Spams’ section of ‘Settings’.


Now let us talk about the downsides. The bottom bar and the top bar of this app occupy a large portion of screen and there are also someads. As RingSkin is a free app, one can understand the inclusion of ads, but developers can work on the size of the bars, I think. If they do, it would make RingSkin a handy app even for the small screen devices.

RingSkin is a new app that has been launched a few days ago and amazingly this first version seems to have no bugs. This free app requires Android 2.1 or up.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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