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It is most definitely a huge advantage to own a mobile device and with it a chance to be available at any place and at any time. With it, a communication can be established with absolutely no effort, which is a huge importance in any professional or private life. But, on the other hand, being available to everyone and to every incoming call, all at any time of the day or night, is something that most likely people do not want. Now, with the help of an effective app called Sync.ME this can change.


Android Call Blocking App

The app provides the essential concept, which is a stable way for its users to block incoming calls and also get caller or text sender ID. It was designed for the Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. To use it, mobile device owners need to have an Android operating system 4.0 or a later version and they can successfully get ID’s of their incoming calls, ID’s of text messages and a way to identify any and all scam calls.

Sync.ME provides its users with plenty of useful features when it comes to guarding their privacy. These features include caller ID option for blocking, detecting and stopping unwanted caller. Text ID feature blocks SMS messages and traces their source with a practically perfect success rate. Other features cover identifying scammer calls, which can be reported with only a tab on the screen, but also features like social ID’s which can be used to synchronize user’s contacts, including images and information from social networks. The blacklisting feature allows for making a list of unwanted callers while full contact details provide an overview of all the relevant data that is coming from a caller, including name, social network presence and their number. Phone lockup system, reminders of contact’s birthdays and all in one are the final features that make this app a complete package.


Call Blocking Management App

The thing that really sets this app apart from its competitors is the fact that more than 10 million daily active users rely on Sync.ME for their ID and block caller task. This number is the perfect testament to the usability and effectiveness of this app, and also the reason why other like it are really far behind both in terms of features and simple usability. While other apps struggle with basic notions of caller block and ID functions, this Android app offers all of that, but also many additional possibilities and features.

With Sync.ME application, anyone who desires privacy and freedom from any form of call harassment and unpleasantness can be assured that they found the app that can protect them. Having it means that its users can relax, knowing that their numbers will not become a target for any type of abuse or scam.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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