TactSpace: Pioneering Sensory Messaging and Future Innovations in the Standard Chatting Experience

TactSpace could very well be the next big evolutionary step in chatting with its use of sensory messaging technology. This not only makes chatting with your family and friends more interactive and fun as a whole, but it also adds that undeniable touch of ease and convenience as you go about it. After all, this kind of communication basically erases the need to type anything that you have to say.
Just how is the app able to achieve this? Well, the app works with sensory messages called TactTiles. As can be perused from their name, these are messages that can be felt’ by their recipients through its accompanying vibration patterns. Take note that TactSpace itself is fashioned like an average chatting platforms. You are still allowed to send typewritten texts. But what certainly makes it stand out is its TactTiles-sharing functionality.
There are numerous pre-made TactTiles that already available in the library once you download and install the app. Most of them are labelled and deal with popular messages that people send each other like Affirmative, Negative, and On My Way, to cite a couple of examples. Each one has its own corresponding vibration and animation, both of which automatically play once they are sent to their intended recipient. You can send a TactTile by tapping on the fingerprint icon on the chat bar in the messaging interface.
Another truly amazing feature of the app is TactStudio, which can be downloaded within the app. You will notice upon first startup of the app that there is a tab next to library’ that is labelled custom’. This is basically where TactStudio’s customization capabilities can be utilized. In it, you are practically given the opportunity to create your own TactTiles (up to 12 can be personalized).
You can set the name of TactTile as well as its animated image and, of course, add a unique vibration pattern to it. Once everything is to your liking, you may now press record to start creating your own TactTile. As of this writing, the duration of the vibration can’t exceed 15 seconds.
TactSpace is certainly a bonafide innovation in messaging apps, to the point that there are no other apps available at present that could be compared to it. Indeed, this app certainly gives the expression, Words become a lame approximation’ a whole new meaning. What’s even more exciting is that the technology is still undergoing robust development. This could only mean that users could expect more improvements in the future. With that said, this app is surely a must-try for anyone who likes to chat regularly with friends and family. 

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