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Tokks: The Ultimate Communication Tool for the Android

Methods of communications are seconded of their import these days, especially with all the different devices that have surfaced from the technological sector. One of the biggest hits totally stem from the smartphone market, or particularly the Android handhelds. There are many reasons that can be ascribed to that matter, but the core essence of these modern contrivances all boil down to the ease of communication they are able to provide. Then again, there is no perfect system and soon enough, you will stumble upon the cons of any and each device. And that is why apps are made to make better the functionality of today’s Android creations — among the most vital Android apps for communication would Tokks.


Communication Integration at its Finest:

Tokks is a newly devised Android app that has been developed to make communication methods much easier to set out. One of the biggest points to note would be its capability to do something similar to an e-mail blast by sending over sixty various types of text contents and other message contents in one single click.

Tokks and How it Works:

The app is designed for a fully blown messaging experience, portraying several advanced methods in the simplest ways for all level users. It allows you to do the following:

* Select a handful of contacts to send one single message to
* Select different social media platforms, messengers, micro blogging sites, e-mail accounts and any others along the line so as to send messages to the contacts you have within them — either all or specific by your choice
* Easily combine different platforms together so as to create profiles that you can swiftly go for a message blast
* One click to send one or more messages to as much contacts as you wish




Perks of Tokks:

One of the biggest advantages that surfaces from the app would be its wheel picker interface that allows you to roll the choices in like a casino roulette — fun and easy. Another thing would be the fact that the app can detect different languages that are supported by your device, particularly English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Catala and a couple other more.

The big difference with this app from the conventional way of sending messages is that it doesn’t just allow you to send multiple messages to a single platform – Android phones as text messages – but also lets you send your text message as emails, messenger hits, Facebook PM’s, Twitter messages and so on. Technically, that saves you more than 3/4 of your time to do all of that.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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