Tribeway: Reinventing the Way Communication Apps are Used

Tribeway is one of the few apps out there that seeks to innovate rather than adapt what is readily accepted by most users. It is basically the communication app that delivers what most users want from their modern day-to-day correspondence with loved ones and colleagues. The main focus of Tribeway is on the ability to share images, videos, and other forms of media in real-time with the person or persons you are communicating with.


Upon launching the app, the user is greeted by the main menu where you can choose to either login with your Facebook or Google Plus account. The app is tremendously helpful in assisting you in automatically adding your friends from the two said social network sites into Tribeway. 

Three of the most noteworthy features of Tribeway are Snap n Talk, Share n Talk and Just Share. The three said features work in complete synergy with each other to allow users to create and share seamless “Trails” of images, which they can liberally view and click while talking to each other in real-time. Trails are essentially a sequence of pictures that you can create, which would narrate an experience that you had (i.e. a trip to a foreign country). 

Share n Talk allows you to share your pictures with friends and immediately begin discussing it with them. Snap n Talk, on the other hand, is the opposite of Share n Talk as it is used to start a conversation on an image that your friends have shared. You need only to tap any image on the Trail and begin talking with friends about it. 


Just Share, as can be implied from its name, is used to create Trails if you only want to share group images with your friends. The Trail can be named and a description can also be attached to its. The Trail’s visibility can be modified into either for friends only, specific friends, or public.

You can promptly begin any conversation with friends using Call Xpress. Of course, this doesn’t make use of texts but live video streams. With this function, you can take you and your friends’ selfies respectively and talk to each other directly in crystal-clear voice communication (VoIP protocol). Lastly, the app also has a built-in basic messenger, as can be found in most communication apps. 

What clearly makes Tribeway a whole lot different from other communication apps out there is its triumph in being able to deliver to users the revolutionary, new way in which we can talk to each other using our mobile devices. After all, not all apps that boast and preach of being “innovative” live up to their users’ expectations. Tribeway, with its host of inventive features taken as a whole, succeeds in giving users something that it can proudly call original. 

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Overall Score 4.6

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