Voico: Free Calls and Messages Review

It’s very hard to keep in touch with a person from another country. The phone bills are extremely pricey and the mobile communication apps are expensive or unreliable. Thankfully, now we have a new alternative when it comes to communication methods. Voico is one of the best communication app available on the market, providing us free video and audio calls, with a high quality connection. Besides being a very reliable app, Voico comes with plenty of interesting features, meant to enhance our user experience and to grant us the best connectivity options. In the following, we will talk about these features and we will also explain how to get free calling credits on Voico.

1) Main Features

At a first sight, Voico seems like a typical communication app, but it isn’t. Once we take a look at its amazing features, we can understand that this is a professional platform, with plenty of customization features. Apparently, Voico allows us to take a physical phone number, so people could call us normally, even if they have the app or not. Still, we don’t need a SIM card for that and we can turn any mobile device into a mobile phone. Voico does more than offering free audio and video calls. With this app, we also have the possibility of sharing photos, voice messages, our location, documents or videos. More than that, Voico can also be used as a teleconferencing solution, allowing us to set up group chats or video/audio conferences.

2) How to Get Free Calling Credits?

Even though some features of this app are not free and require calling credits, they can be earned very simple, without having to pay for them. Voico lets us earn free calling credits every day, by performing a series of tasks and simple gigs. For example, you can get free calling credits by passing levels is some specific mobile games, watching short ads, fulfilling certain events in the related apps, completing some fun quizzes or installing some engaging apps. Because there are so many options to earn free credits, you will never get bored and you will also be able to have fun, while getting free credits.

3) Instant Text Translator

Voico manages to offer us one of the most developed text translator, which will change our texts in any language, in a matter of seconds. This translator removes the communication boundaries, and allows us to talk with anybody, making sure that they will understand us.

Final Thoughts

Voico: Free Calls and Messages is one of the best communication platform for mobile devices, managing to bring the world together with a simple but engaging system. You can download it for free, on Google Play or App Store. In order to use it, you will need a 3G or WiFi connection, at least. Try Voico today and get ready for an amazing experience.

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