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WiShare – Share Your Wi-Fi With Friends Securely

It is difficult to search for a secure Wi-Fi connection when you are away from your work place or home. And while you are on the move, you may have noticed that many Wi-Fi networks do not offer free public access. Can you imagine an app that helps you in sharing your Wi-Fi connection with the friends in your mobile contact list? Doesn’t it sound convenient and very useful? Try the new Android app, WiShare, and share your Wi-Fi with your friends in a secure manner.


About the app:

WiShare is a Wi-Fi app which helps in creating a network and sharing your Wi-Fi with your friends directly from your mobile contact list. You can invite and add new people to your network. You even have the option to block people. This app will be of great help to you and your friends to get secure and free Wi-Fi access.

Working of the app:

Once you have downloaded WiShare to your phone, you will have to first register your Wi-Fi connection. While registering you have to give a password which will be encrypted and used only to connect your Wi-Fi with friends you have added. Then set up your Gmail account to confirm your identity. You then have to key in the connection information, user name and password.

Adding contacts to your network is also very simple. All you have to do is press the ‘menu’ button in your phone and then select the ‘share’ option from the option list. While doing this you will be able to see your phone contacts from which you can invite the people with whom you like to share your network. Once you have invited your friends, the button on the right side changes from ‘invite’ to ‘share’. This share button appears only for contacts who already have WiShare.


You need not worry about receiving requests from unknown users as you have an option to block them. Press ‘Share’ and scroll to the right to see all your contacts who are currently in your Wi-Fi network. Press ‘Block’ to block people. You can unblock them later, if needed. Using WiShare you can add more than 500 people to your network.

The concept of WiShare is unique and it is a great tool to get connected and share a secure network effortlessly. However, I noticed that the app connects only within the Wi-Fi range of the shared network. With an app like WiShare, your friends and family members can save the time and effort which would be spent on searching for a reliable Wi-Fi network.

WiShare is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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