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Autism myVoice Communicator – Getting Thoughts Across using Images

Teachers and parents who work with kids with autism are constantly on the lookout for ways to help them engage with the world around them. There are many apps that help these kids work on their fine motor skills and cognitive skills, and simultaneously providing an environment of learning and entertainment. These apps indeed make a great difference in the lives of kids on the autism spectrum. Here is an app named Autism myVoice Communicator that gives a voice to children with autism who cannot speak or have language delays.

About the app:

Autism myVoice Communicator is an easy-to-use app that has been specially designed to help people affected by autism in their communication. It contains various images under different categories that help in expressing thoughts, choices and emotions. This app can also be used by patients who have been affected by a stroke/ brain injuries.

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Working of the app:

Autism myVoice Communicator has preloaded images that can be used for basic communication. The pictures are classified under various categories that include mandatory needs like clothes and food and other pictures representing toys and emotions. Each category includes several subcategories; for example, ‘Food’ has subcategories like meals, sweets, breakfast and fruit. When the kid selects an image (by tapping on it) he/she will hear a voice reading it out. This helps non-verbal kids voice their requirements clearly and reduces the frustration they experience when they are not able to get their thoughts across. As this app serves as a communication tool, you will no longer have to guess what your child wants.

Autism myVoice Communicator lets you upload new images to any of the categories easily. What’s more, you can use this option to include images of the things your kid asks for often, favorites or just the things he/she is familiar with. While uploading a new picture, you need to enter a category name, and text to describe the image before recording your voice. This feature which lets parents record their own voices is indeed notable, as kids are likely to be happier listening to a voice they can recognize.

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The preloaded images and the ones you have uploaded can be conveniently activated/deactivated at any time. Autism myVoice Communicator has an intuitive user interface and is very user-friendly. For an app that can actually turn around the lives of kids affected by autism, it is quite fairly priced. I would have liked to see step-by-step video or image guides to help kids complete tasks on their own.

Autism myVoice Communicator is an interactive tool that can help kids with limited verbal skills in their communication, improve their overall ability to learn and give them an understanding of cause and effect. It also gives them the confidence of being able to control at least certain things in their environment.

Autism myVoice Communicator costs $2.98 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: $2.98

Rating: 4/5

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