Color & Learn: Sea Animals Education

Color & Learn: Sea Animals – Let Your Kids Unleash Their Creativity

Finding suitable ways to keep my little girl occupied for even an hour has become quite tough these days. Her toys, kitchen set, dolls and make-believe games don’t seem to interest her anymore. As she enjoys fidgeting with my smartphone, I thought of downloading apps that will keep her entertained and provide some sort of learning activities too. One app which caught my eye is Color & Learn: Sea Animals. Much to my joy and satisfaction, the app seems to have worked its magic on her.

What’s the app about?

Color & Learn: Sea Animals is a coloring book app for Android devices. It teaches your kid about various sea animals and also explains how they should be colored. Kids can learn about mixing primary colors to get new ones and making corrections in their work. The entertaining features of the app will keep kids engaged for hours.


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How does the app work?

Color & Learn: Sea Animals has coloring pages with pictures of starfish, dolphins, turtles, puffer fish, crabs and other creatures of the sea. You are provided with 6 colored pens and you will have to select one to get started. Use finger strokes to fill in the colors. With the special multicolored pen, you can make the animals in the images look realistic. Mistakes can be corrected with the eraser option. You can move to the next image by flipping the page. Your little one’s masterpieces can be saved in the photo gallery.


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Special features of the app:

Color & Learn: Sea Animals has enchanting background music. What’s more, you can use the ‘Make it swim’ option to watch the sea animals move around in water. The app has been designed in such a manner that the colors remain within the image’s outline, and this feature impressed me a lot as it lets kids color the pictures with confidence. The finger paintings can be shared via social media, Bluetooth, texts, e-mails and other applications. I noticed that the app has only 10 pictures and hope the developers add more to make it more usable.


My little one’s fingers have been busy for the past one week and she is fascinated to see the sea animals she has colored. Color & Learn: Sea Animals is a great learning tool that improves your kids’ motor skills. It is a free app which requires Android 2.1 or later versions.


Price: Free


Rating: 4/5


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