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Find Out Who Stole Your Content With Plagiarism Checker

About The App

Plagiarism Checker is educations app developed by This app is used to check plagiarism.


Inside The App

When you tap open the app, you land on the home page. Here you will have three buttons at the top, first one is the ‘Open’ button using it you can upload files which you need to check. The second one is the ‘info’ button tapping on it you will find the details about the app. The third one is the ‘Clear’ button tapping on it the text entered in the URL/text box will be cleared. In the bottom there will be three buttons. First one is the ‘Authorize’ button you need to tap on it to authorize the app. The second one is the ‘Check’ button you need to tap on it to check the content/URL for plagiarism. The last one is the ‘Exit’ button as the name says it is to exit the app.


When you first open the app you need to enter either the content/URL or upload a file and then you need to select the search engine of your choice, then you have to tap on the ‘Check’ button. Then the results will be displayed to you. The words and the number of times it has been copied around the web. The total number of characters, total number of words and number of unique sentences and the percentage of originality. In the bottom of the page you will find the three buttons. ‘Back’ which will take you to the previous page. The second one is the ‘Save +’ to save the result and ‘Exit’. In this app you can save the results as a .htm file in your phone’s SD card. The developer has also advised to have an external file exporter app to upload the files.

This app’s interface is simple and easy to use. But it is very slow to respond. All bloggers might need this app. So I give 3.9 out of 5 for this app.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.9/ 5

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