flowkey: Learning the Piano On Your Own Doesn’t Get Any Easier than This

Without a doubt, at some point in our lives, we were seized by a strong desire to learn how to play a musical instrument. And, the piano is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices of all. It’s one of the easiest instruments to learn, and almost any budding musician should consider it as a fundamental instrument to learn in order to secure his skills’ continued development.

What’s good is that there is now a plethora of apps available that would be able to teach how to play the piano as great as any licensed piano teacher can. One such piano app is flowkey. It serves as a platform from which you can self-learn your favorite piano pieces, regardless of whether you are still a beginner or already considerably learned in playing this inimitable musical instrument.

It does this by showing you live demos of how each piece is played, which is complemented by actual musical sheets of each one. Note markers are also readily displayed as the demo performer plays the piece for your easy reference. The current note that you’re playing would also be highlighted on the music sheet so it wouldn’t be hard for you to identify and get the hang of their position in the piece.

These learning monitoring capabilities are made possible by the app’s support of MIDI and microphone connections. The guides do not stop there, though, as you would be given step-by-step tutorials about the various notes and chords of the piece of your choosing, as well as very helpful tips and techniques that you can employ to master the piece efficiently and in no time at all.

All the reference materials (using high quality videos) are guaranteed to depict only professional pianists who are more than willing to share their knowledge to you. This is why with this app, you pretty much would be getting a piano tutor that is as good as an actual piano teacher, if not better. The number of piano experts who have endorsed this app is proof enough of this. The free version offers a trial of 8 songs and a number of courses, and you can subscribe any time to unlock the rest of the content of the app.

It’s apparent that what sets flowkey apart from other piano apps available is its real time support for actual piano instruments. Other apps only ever feature video tutorials and built-in digital pianos to help users. The direct, hands-on assistance that this app is obviously very invaluable as it raises the standard of learning; this applies to pretty much anything you’re trying to learn for the first time.


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