Hands-On Equations 1 – A Revolutionary App for Learning Algebra

It has to be said that learning math, or more precisely, algebra, is not something many children like. The same was true for many generations and even today, all those numbers, equations and operations often seemed to kids as obstacles they will never truly conquer, let alone learn to appreciate and even enjoy doing. But, the truth of the modern, lT—oriented reality is that math is not only a desirable skill but for many professions, it will be the essential one. Fortunately, using modern technology, there is a way how anyone can find the full joy of algebra. Called Hands-On Equations 1, this Android app can help anyone to realize how incredible and fun math can be. This app was invented by Dr. Henry Borenson, an experienced teacher and mathematician with many years of experience in the field of academics and math. Borenson decided to use that knowledge and focus it into an app that has the core concept of helping kids learn math.

 Learn Algebra with Hands-On Equations 1

The app can be found on Google Play service and installed on any device that used Android operating system version of 2.2 or up. Essentially, this is a platform for teaching algebra to kids using the method found in video games. As a popular medium, children of all ages are drawn to games. Now, Hands-On Equations 1 uses the same principle for providing kids with math knowledge, but more importantly, math practice. It opens with levels that present the most elementary segments of the app but then progresses further into abstract ideas, movement tactics and other things that teach kids the essentials of algebra.

The app provides a range of interesting features. It is based partly on a tried and tested system that is already used widely as a board game, so it features a level of familiarity that is always helpful. The app features a system of lessons, making progress something that kids look forward to because it unlocks new levels for them. The app also over 80 individual equations for students to solve, making it a really long-lasting source of fun. By being designed in a colorful manner, the app features a user interface that will be irresistible to elementary school and middle school students. Even though the app can be enjoyed by anyone older than 8 years, the feature of core algebra elements will help older students in grasping math. Finally, the feature of so—called “gamification”, or making systems look and feel like games is prominent in the app. In fact, this feature is so strong that it simply draws kids into its fun and engaging system.

Learn Algebra with Hands-On Equations

The same thing is also the definite plus that separates this app from any of its competitors. With its magnetic pull, kids will simply be unable to put it down. By employing a method of constant exchange of feelings of challenge and satisfaction, the app will be experienced like a game and gladly used by kids of all ages. Other apps might provide help with math, but Hands-On Equations 1 is so effective that nothing can really compare with it.

The bottom line is the fact that this app simply has a brilliant basic idea. The same idea is underlined by an effective use of a gaming approach, a stunning visual design and an interesting presentation. Because of this, Hands-On Equations 1 app has the power to help kids better understand algebra and really start to learn it in a proper way.

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  1. The power of Hands-On Equations comes from its ability to simplify abstract algebraic concepts. In a matter of minutes young students (third grade) can learn to solve equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9, which even many 9th grade students, who have been taught using traditional abstract instruction, cannot solve. The physical version of the program is widely used in classrooms throughout the United States. The most common comment we get from teachers is, "We love the program!" -Thank you for the review, Dr. Henry Borenson, Inventor of Hands-On Equations.

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