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Is the Sweet Dreams: Good night books app worth a try?

Sweet Dreams’ concept

Putting kids to sleep can sometimes be an uphill task for a variety of reasons I’m sure most parents will resonate with and that’s why you need a helping hand to make the process a little easier. And it was upon this concept that the Sweet Dreams application was built; to not only make it easier to get the little guys snoozing but also ensure that they have fun and relax while doing so.

Features of the application

The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms and is imbued with numerous features that appeal to every kid’s imagination which include:

  • Adorable animals that will draw kids’ full attention up to the point they fall asleep i.e. at the end when all animals do.

  • Out of the blue moves preceding the “Nighty Night” phase where kids say bedtime niceties to all the animals.

  • Special baby shusher feature that soothes toddlers to dreamland upon conclusion of the story

  • Also contains a revitalized approach to the bible that conveys millennium-old adventures in a fairytale-esque fashion

  • A collection of bedtime stories and adventures hinging upon the decade of animals the app encompasses.

  • It will instate a new bedtime routine where toddlers would want to know what the animals are up to before drifting off to sleep

  • Calm and funny stories and good night books complemented by audio and pictures that are candy to a toddler’s eyes

  • Sleep games to help your little one on their way to dreamland.

How the app works

Sweet Dreams’ controls are quite straightforward as you initiate one of the available stories from one of the ten selectable characters. Afterwards, the app pretty much runs by itself as the story of the selected character is told in beautiful fashion complete with immersive animations, sounds and the works culminating with the character sleeping and ultimately, your toddler too. Along the way, there are also simple games to add that touch of playfulness to help toddlers relax and get in on the action as well.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

Arguably the greatest selling point of the app is its vast diversity in animated bed time stories and lovable characters which means children will always have something new to look forward to every night or any other bedtime for that matter. Moreover, the app can be configured to any one of the many languages available from Catalan to Portuguese and given that it has amassed full marks on Google PlayStore, albeit form just 23 reviews, it is surely one worth trying out. Almost every parent on the platform has seen a remarkable improvement in their children’s sleeping patterns after using Sweet dreams: Good night books.

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