Learn to Play the Piano Better With Great Music Courses and Thousands of Individual Songs

Learning how to play the piano in order to master it entails considering every educational option that is available to you. Apps are an excellent way for you to self-study because most of them allow you to pace yourself. They offer you the specific pieces that you want to learn, so you won’t have to go through a conventional learning course just to learn how to play them. This is what you can expect to get from flowkey, which is now available for Android smartphones as well!

Upon launching the app and signing up, flowkey asks you integral questions such as whether you’ve played the piano before or you have an actual piano that you can use. After this, you would be taken to the main interface of the app where you would be able to see songs that the app offers to teach you.

You will notice that on the top portion of the app’s interface, there is the sentence “Choose Your Level”. This allows you to freely categorize the app based on how good your piano skills are current. There are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro levels. Tapping on either one would single out the songs that fit within the level the select.

As far as the number of songs that you can choose, the app is nothing short of a motherlode of music and songs that span almost any kind of genre you can think of. They are further organized into the said genres.

As you tap on one, you’ll be taken to the tutorial interface where you would be asked what hand you want to learn. After choosing one, the app would proceed to play a video demonstrating what keys you should press as you play. Musical notes and chords always accompany these demos, which is a useful perk for people who can also read notes. This is how flowkey mainly teaches its students.

Take note that the app isn’t limited to just picking out songs that you want to play. If you are still only a beginner, for instance, you might want to consider checking out the Courses tab. Here you’ll immediately be able to take part in the Introduction to the Piano, which would you take you through all the basics of piano playing at no cost whatsoever.

The freedom to choose the songs that you want to play and the ability to categorize the songs based on how proficient in piano playing you get over time are two of the main features that make the flowkey original. You’ll also find that the manner in which flowkey teaches students is highly unique as well thanks to the exclusive courses that it offers. Ultimately, it is the manner in which it teaches students that makes the app such a great app to have.

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