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Learning Algebra the Fun Way With Hands On Equations For Your Android Phone!

For most students, mathematics is probably the most difficult subject to learn and understand. In fact, many find problem solving intimidating, especially if it involves multiple equations. If you are having a hard time solving simple or complicated mathematical computations, the best way to solve your problem is to use Hands On Equations app on your android. This remarkable app has taught children how to solve algebra efficiently as it features to decipher complex algebraic concepts for a much simpler approach.

Learning Algebra for Free

Features of Hands On Equations App:

The app is basically programed using a physical manipulation for modeling and solving mathematical equations, ideal for students who learn more visually. It is also a perfect app you can use to introduce algebra to your kids, even at an early stage. Though it can be tricky to master, you can assure that your child can become proficient in dealing with sophisticated looking equations.

The app uses excellent visual and kinesthetic learning strategies. In solving mathematical equations, the unknown x is represented by a pawn while the constants are known by cubes. By using the game pieces, students can set up each abstract equation on the image of a balance scale to solve for the x. The answer can be acquired by moving the game pieces so that the equations are simplified.

By downloading the app on your android, you can take advantage of the graphics and touchscreen features, which makes learning experience more fun and visually appealing. The app can also be used by parents who want to make their child proficient in algebra even at an early age. Usually, the subject is introduced in the eighth or ninth grade but you can use this as well to children below. Of course, this app can be used by older students who need help with algebra.

Math Equations App

The app also has a multi-user feature that lets more than one individual to use the application. So if you have a few children and you only have one android, you can still use the app. The Hands On Equations app also keeps track of the problems by each individual for review.

The problem solving techniques in algebra will start from the very basic going to advance. Level 1 will start with six lessons and one review. Every other level will make the lessons a bit more complicated but you can guarantee that it will be fun and entertaining. There are more than 80 lessons to solve and enjoy.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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