Masterpiece Works at Your Hands: QuintessArt – Virtual Museum

Great artists leave their footprints through their artworks. I really love paintings, especially those classical works like Mona Lisa and Rooftops. Whenever I see them, they take me back in time. Recently I had a chance to check an app loaded with artworks.


QintessArt is really a virtual museum as the developers call it. It brings 2,500 greatest masterpieces to users’ fingertips. When a user launches this app for the first time, it will ask him to let it download the required database from its servers. In thequintessart-virtual-museumrel=“nofollow”> ‘Gallery’ it classifies artworks under Painter, Art Movements, Museums, Cities and Countries. ‘Art Events’ shows the events scheduled around the world. The handy search bar at the bottom lets users search the paintings from its database.

The ‘Shuffle’ shows the artworks in random as groups of five, ten, fifteen, etc., User can find recently viewed works in ‘Recent’. It displays the works with information like title, painter, his art movement, location and year. There is also a games section to test users’ knowledge in paintings. The handy tabs at the top is really one attractive feature of this app. Rather than tapping the ‘Back’ button, users can toggle with these tabs. Apart from paintings, QuintessArt really has tons of otehr features.

quintessart-virtual-museumrel=“nofollow”>I think the developers need to have a well-designed site to support their product. Free domain and emails won’t help them in branding. They also need to simplify the “download” part and it needs to show the thumbnails too, so that everyone can enjoy the app. In Android Market page developers strictly states “Bad and unuseful comments won’t help the dev team”. That is really interesting. I think that won’t help stopping jokers from commenting. QuintessArt requires Android 2.1 and up.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/ 5

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