Math Magic- Do wonders with the help of technology and make learning maths interesting.

Technology is a boon in a wide variety of ways. Mobile Phones are an irreplaceable part of our lives now, and very powerful tools.

But at the same time, we realize that children should not spend too much time on mobiles/tablets. It causes not only eye and neck strain but also other problems.

Math Magic, developed by concerned father, tries to achieve the following two goals

1. Use the Power & Ease of use of mobile devices

2. Keep the child working in his real world, and spend less time on mobiles

Math Magic is a child Eye-Friendly and Neck Friendly mathematics practice app.

A user can

* Create New Maths Practice Exercises

* Print Exercises as-is.

Up-to 3 Sets of Exercises per Page.

* The child does the exercises independent of the mobile, or tablets.

* No Neck pain, no Eye strain and no Games 🙂

For best results, let the child do one exercise every day, keep noting down the time and try to improve the time.

This builds a great practice and improves time and accuracy which is the most important in Mathematics.

It is a Free App and does not need any unsafe permissions on your device.

Price:  Free 

Download from Android Market

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