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My Town: Pets: Immerse Yourself in A World of Pets and Pet Lovers Alike

The My Town series of digital dollhouse game apps has introduced a new expansion in the form of My Town: Pets. Pet lovers will have plenty of reasons to love My Town: Pets. After all, it’s an app that lets you adopt your favorite animal, may it be a bird, hamster, dog, or cat. The game has plenty to offer when it comes to variety in how your pet looks. From the outset, your ultimate goal is to take care of your pets much in the same realistic way that you would care for them in real life.

The drag and drop technology is fully utilized in My Town: Pets as you can practically interact with every object, pet, and character in the game. If you want to feed your chosen pet, for instance, then you have to tap on the specific pet food for him and proceed to place it on his food bowl. A filling animation will then be performed for realism. Afterwards, you can then place the full food bowl next to your pet’s kennel for him to start eating.

Since this is a dollhouse game app, My Town: Pets really has a good way of encouraging you to exercise your creativity to the fullest. For instance, you can even drag and drop people to your pet shelter to simulate people visiting your pets. You are even free to change the expressions on their faces.

You are not limited to your default shelter when it comes to places you can visit as well. There are shops nearby where you can purchase different types of clothing and accessories not only for your pets but people as well. This really gives the game its much-needed touch of customizability and larger scope that plenty of other simulation games lack.

Other venues you can visit are the pet clinic (where you need to take your pets occasionally to have them checked up), park as well as the local animal spa. Take note that every action that you do that your pet happens to like would increase his affection levels for you. The more you increase this (levels are represented by the number of heart symbols he has), the more rewards you’ll be able to get.

If we’re going to compare My Town: Pets to other dollhouse game apps, the app is certainly able to stand out because of the inimitable My Town touch that it has. Besides its focus on pets, it lets you interact with a completely unique world where everything is waiting to be discovered. This is why if you love dollhouse games and want to create your own world and experiment with hundreds of different kinds of scenarios in a pet-centric setting, then this app would be certainly quick to make its way to your favorites’ list.

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