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PingPong – Smart Clikers: Revolutionize The World Of Classroom Learning

Learning becomes enjoyable only if it’s interactive. Anything less than that make learning boring because students are fascinated by nothing under such circumstances. But we are introducing PingPong-Smart clickers, the smart android communication tool that revolutionizes how students learn in class. This app, when used for learning, creates a lively and fun environment to learn in. However, both the teacher and the students must have their own devices in order to take advantage of PingPong’s full functions.

PingPong-Home Screen


PingPong smart clickers comes with the following features, which makes it a great tool for learning:

* Live Response Checking:

PingPong is an interactive tool with live features. That means the teacher can easily create questions for the students and when they answer them, he or she will be able to gauge their understanding through feedback that they give. Thanks to the live response checking feature that makes all this possible.

* Accessibility and Flexibility:

Pingpong doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to using it. Furthermore, it supports iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and the rest.

* Solid Graph System:

As soon as students finish answering their questions, this app automatically collect their responses and neatly highlight them on a graph.


Other Tools Needed for Learning:

  • Pingpong syncs well with other accessories needed for learning.
  • When in class, students can connect to.Evernote, a blackboard, a timer and the teacher can randomly choose a student through this app.

Other features include:

  • Multiple choices to allow students figure out the correct answer to questions being asked
  • Drawing feature lets the students become creative with diagrams

How to get started with PingPong?

  • The teacher can question his students without prior preparation. It delivers answers to the teacher in real time via graph, and the teacher is able to gauge the general level of understanding of his students. PingPong provides 4 types of questions which include quizzes, debates, votes, plus there are several other questions that teachers and their students won’t exhaust.
  • The teacher can set his questions from his own mobile device and easily view the results as well.
  • Teachers can use the freely provided tools to attract their student’s attention in class. They can use the timer and the random student selection feature to make learning even more fun.



  • Definitely, Pingpong is the ultimate winner when it comes to mobile learning tools that create a lively and fun learning environment. It improves the students’ attitude when they collectively participate.
  • The teacher is able to see in real time if his or her students have understood what they are teaching.
  • And the best of all is that this app for teachers and learners help minimize the amount of time the teacher needs to prepare for a lesson.


  • In as much as this app makes classroom life fun and enjoyable for students, some teachers complain that it steals away students’ concentration in class.
  • It’s also quite difficult to know whether all students have understood the lesson or not, especially when a few outstanding students are the only ones who are responding.


This is certainly an app that every teacher and student must download and install into their devices. It has consistently been rated 4 out 5 in every consumer review, and that’s enough proof that it actually works.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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