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In recent times the smartphones have become quite an important part of our life, but it has also become the most time consuming and distracting gadget. Many people today are having a hard time focusing on their work and students find it difficult to study, now there is solution for this long standing problem. An education app that will not only let you control the use of your smartphones while studying, but also help to keep track of your studying sessions and present the data in beautiful statistics.

App Concept:

The developer ‘Tamseng’ has come up with an effective way to help people study without disturbances or distractions from their smartphones, the features are very thoughtful and easy to understand. The app will help keep track of your study time by recording the session, these sessions are saved within the app and can be accessed via the history tab. It even lets you lock the usage of your smartphone completely for a set amount of time, beside the full lock mode it can even allow you to lock the phone partial and use a few necessary apps which may be used for studying.


• The app can record the study time and save the sessions by subjects, keep track of you time and use the app to organize your routine.
• Option Blocks all Notifications and stops distracting updates while studying.
• Allows partial locking of apps, lets the user use a few selected education apps and block everything else.
• Hard Mode blocks all smartphones usage for the set amount of time.
• Accurate statistics feature lets you keep record of study time measured by seconds
• Neatly displayed Monthly, Daily and Weekly records, time data displayed in pie diagrams which help you keep track of your goals.

Working of the App:

The app is made to be quite user friendly and smooth to operate, the main screen displays today’s total time with a plus sign at the bottom which is used to start a new session. While starting a new session it asks you to enter the Title for the goal and allows you add an image either from the phones camera or from the gallery. Then when you hit the start button it takes you to the page where you can select which apps to keep while the rest of them will be blocked. These preferences get saved and you only need to choose the apps once, however you can change them again by going to settings.

There are many education apps in the market which are made to help people study, but what really makes this app stand out is its ability to limit as well as totally block the smartphone use. Study Helper – Phone Locker is a perfect solution for people who want to limit their smartphones usage while studying and organize their study goals.

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