Super School: Feature-Packed Learning App that Helps Your Preschooler Improve His Fundamental Knowledge and Skills

Are you a parent who is looking for a better way for your toddler or preschooler to spend his gadget time on? Without a doubt, you can never go wrong with educational apps. What’s even better is that there are apps out there that really go the limit in terms of the completeness of their features, to the point that they become full-fledged digital schools. One app that is the perfect example of this is Super School.

As can be expected from its name, the app’s approach to learning is all-encompassing, to say the least. It tackles fundamental subjects like math and language through various tried and tested ways that range from rhymes as well as language and math games. The app makes use of different kinds of media to accomplish this like videos, digital story books, and learning games.

All the games are evidently expertly designed to suit the level of skill of most toddlers. The same can be said for the videos and story books, which really have an excellent of getting most kids around this age to be engaged in such learning activities.

Once you start the app, your child wouldn’t have a hard time to navigate through the available categories (you can even conveniently arrange them according to their topics). With everything organized in categories, you won’t have hard time accessing content that you want. Speaking of content, know that most of it aren’t readily available upon downloading the base app. This is because the app updates its content frequently, and you would have to download each one. If you like a specific content, you only have to tap on the Download button and wait for it to complete to gain access.

In the Rhymes section, for instance, your child will be able to familiarize himself with classic nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice, and Old MacDonald Had A Farm, to name a few. These presented in original video form, complete with stellar recordings of the rhymes complemented by brief animations that depict the story or actions behind it. This attention to detail is but one of the reasons why this is such a high-quality educational app.

The games are also very noteworthy as pretty all of them really don’t skimp on their educational aspects. For one, in Wizard Math, your child would have to pick the odd number out complete with fanciful displays of magic. In Grammar Flight, on the other hand, your child would be able to learn about basic nouns, and subject and verb agreement by catching the right balloons.

It doesn’t stop there for the app also prioritizes the arts by including games that encourage creativity and story books that allows you to learn music – the app simulates page-turning excellently as you only need to swipe to the left to access the next page (much like how a toddler would turn the page of a book that he likes in real life). And with the app’s generosity in terms of content you can download, rest assured that you and your child would have pleasant discoveries with whatever you select.

Indeed, it is its apparent comprehensiveness that makes Super School such a standout, and it’s also this very quality that makes it a whole lot better and more efficient than even the most outstanding educational apps at present. It, in short, has everything you need, and that’s most definitely not an understatement.

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