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TrainBrain – For The Learning And Fast Retention Of Foreign Language Words

TrainBrain is a popular multilingual android application that builds up a person’s fast retention of foreign words through spelling, guessing, and audible repetition. By selecting your favorite topical lesson, you can enjoy brushing up on new languages and learn words step by step. With more than 1,300 words and 44 thematic lessons with their numbers in the full version, you will be able to learn different kinds of language effectively while having fun at the same time.

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TrainBrain Features:

The app has an intelligent algorithm controls that enables you to navigate your learning process easily and recognizes how well you are with translating the words. It also shows the new words you need to memorize and the previous words you need to translate. In some cases, the words are included in the problematic words. The problematic words are the words where you find difficulty the most. The app will know the words you do not recognize.

TrainBrain also has an easy navigation buttons where you can browse for lessons, guess words, hone problematic words, see your statistics, and create user lessons. The app is also backed-up by Google Translate service for better learning.

There is also a corresponding image for view and a high quality audio track that will teach you the correct pronunciation of each word in different languages. If you are using Samsung phone, you may consider downloading the ‘high quality’ voice so the pronunciation will not sound robotic.

Benefits of Using TrainBrain App:

The app lets reinforce proper spelling and pronunciation of words in different languages, such as English, German, Czech, Italian, and Spanish. Now, you can have some basic knowledge about these languages without getting an instructor. This will help you with your pronunciation of words and learn words you are having trouble with.

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Android users can also benefit from learning new words and translating them into different languages. If you choose a word, you can translate it to the language you want. You can repeat the process over and over again until you have memorized the word.

Things to Keep in Mind:

If you are new to this app, it is ideal to understand how to utilize the navigation and settings initially. You might want to consider a quick tutorial so you will not get lost.

In the event that there are two pronunciations of words, the app will show both but with no differentiation, including noun vs. adjective or other regional dialects. This app is also available for FREE!

Price: $3.15

Rating: 4/5

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