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We are living in an advanced technological era. Our daily lives have become too complicated and very busy that we rarely have enough time to share with family and friends. As a result, we are not able to effectively share our feelings with loved ones when we are faced with challenging times or happy moments in life. That’s because we have so many bills to settle at the end of the month. Luckily me and you who are smartphones users, we have a team of experts who have dedicated their lives to reignite the connection by ensuring that we always share our feelings anywhere we are. All this thanks to an Android app “Best WeChat Status & Quotes”.

This app is just awesome and features an elegant design that is easy to use. The UI is just fantastic and easy to use. WeChat has an amazing collection of status and quotes from all around the world that is based on the trending topics. The central feature that gives this app the wow factor is that it has over forty categories to choose from and a staggering 40000+ quotes and status. The quotes and status are continuously updated to match with the ever changing world making them unique each day. Some of the categories included in this app include; amazing, angry, birthday, breakup, attitude, and anniversary just to name but a few. One of my favorite quotes is in the attitude category which says “Am that ugly; I asked myself out, and I said no.”
The app is compatible with every Android device and also all the latest versions of Android. Therefore, if you are an Android user, you will have no issues with compatibility issues. Additionally, it is just about 2MB in size. Thus it won’t take up much of your memory. Unlike most free up that bug users with ads all over the screen, The Best WeChat Status, and Quotes app is way different. This app has little ads and in fact, the team is working on an ad-free version that will improve your experience.

How to use the app. This is the simplest part. All you have to do is browse through the different categories that keep sliding in as you scroll further down until you find the one you are looking for, let’s say the ‘Missing you status.’ Click on whichever category and it will open up an endless list of status and quotes. Finally, copy the status and share it on your favorite social media channel.

If you are an Android user, I highly recommend you rush to Google Play Store and download this amazing app. I will leave you with one funny quote I pulled off a certain category. “In every circle of friends, there is one friend everyone secretly hates, if you don’t have one, it’s probably you.”

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