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Chant Explores the Unlimited Possibilities of Chan

There are many official and unofficial apps for popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and Twitter. There are also some notorious sites that have apps in the Android Market. These are unofficial apps as you guess.


Chant is an interesting app that lets users to browse through the popular imageboards 4chan and 420chan. After launching the app, it shows chantrel=“nofollow”>the categories that is present in these imageboards and lets users bookmark the ones they like, with a long-press. The boomarked categories will be displayed at the top. All these categories are arranged in alphabetical order with the name of the site at the bottom.

Just with a few taps users can easily view and download images. They can also post comments by tapping the text and selecting the pen tool at the top. I find many of the imageboard apps lack this feature. Through settings, users can input a default name that needs to be used while posting. The filter helps in selecting one particular site to view – either 4Chan or 420Chan.

This app is well designed and works fine even in tablets. However, people using the devices that have a small screen might face some troubles with Chant. It hides the field area, when the keypad gets visible. Actually the field area has to move upwards to avoid getting hid by the keypad.chant_logorel=“nofollow”>

Even though Chant is easy to use, I think it needs a separate area for instructions. The developer’s site link also leads to a blogger sub-domain that provides only a very few details about the app. These small things play a big role in branding. I hope developers will work on these areas while updating the app.

If you are active in imageboards, you would really love Chant. This free app is ad-free. Chant is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 and up.

Rating: 3/ 5

Price: Free

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