Build Virtual Empires Unlike What History Has Seen Before

Domination: Earth is an app that proves that augmented reality can actually be a good platform for strategy, particularly when it comes to world building and empire expansion concepts. In Domination, you really get to conquer the world, street by street, avenue by avenue, city by city.

This level of realism, at best, can never be achieved easily without taking advantage of what GPS and augmented reality technologies have to offer, and this aspect is what makes this game such a breath of fresh air for gamers who love strategy. The app lets you name your empire from the outset, and you can set the border color of your lands as well. Once you are done doing this, you will be taken to the world overview, which is pretty much a digital map of where you are currently. Your exact location would be where the app would place your main base. You only have to tap on the flag icon below to claim the land for your own and establish the said base.

You will find that strewn across the map are various icons like people, gold coins, and packages. These are practical resources that you need in order to construct buildings and upgrade them, recruit personnel for your military, and items that you can use to expand your lands. Take note that their exact location (street) would be displayed on the map for you.

You have to physically go to their respective locations to claim them, as most AR games go. However, you have to make sure that you are expanding your lands from your starting point, as you can only claim the resources of a specific plot of land if you’ve made it your own by planting the flag icon. As you earn these resources, you now have the capability to upgrade and construct buildings that would make your bid for. In the process, you can also begin building your defenses so other players won’t be able to claim your lands easily.

Take note that there are also Perks that you can buy to make your empire-building easier. Think of these as technologies that you can research, as is ubiquitous in most strategy games, that would give you bonuses and advantages (such as earning more from resources you claim and boosting your troop’s defenses).

The item scrapping feature is one defining feature of the app because of its interesting concept of using real-world items to convert them into in-game resources. You do this by scanning the barcodes of most basic commodities and turning them to the said resources. This should adequately give you an edge over others.

Taken as a whole, Domination: Earth is a bonafide original, especially if we are to look at how it incorporated the classic strategy and empire expansion tropes into an augmented reality setting. It gives players that authentic illusion that they are really conquering the actual lands in their immediate surroundings, and subsequently, the Earth – if they are able.

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