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Fancy Balloon: Simple and Fun Android App for Everyone!

Countless operations currently run on digital platforms, allowing convenience and entertainment for people. Common examples of these are mobile apps. Apps let you conduct several procedures on your mobile phone or tablet while promoting entertainment through games. Fancy Balloon Android app is one of the known apps available today.

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App Overview:

This Android app is a live wallpaper application with     interactive platform that every user will love. This app is available for Android devices and can be downloaded easily at 1.6MB file size. Devices running on Android 2.1 and later support the app that extends utmost entertainment for users. Current version offered in Google Play site is 1.0 version after its recent update. This app is ideal for every user with its designing element plus gaming feature for younger market.

Platform Design:

Fancy Balloon takes Android app lovers to a fun ride back to their youth with its amusement park wallpaper. Right in front is a girl holding several balloons. Users need to activate the app for balloons to move freely on the screen. From here, users can start playing by tapping on the balloons to change the girl’s balloon colors. Users also earn points while continuing with the game. Tapping 10 balloons will close the app and ads will display on the screen. Close the add and users can start playing again.

Entertainment for the Bored or the Whole Family:

Fancy Balloon’s design and graphics suit everyone in the family. Kids can play with this app without the need for intense technical knowledge. Moreover, its colorful graphics is a joy to see for young players.

Bored individuals who do not feel like playing the usual mobile games can take a breather by choosing this app, which is ideal if a person wants to relax and be entertained.

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Activating the App:

Activating this Android app to its game option is easy. Tap on the live wallpaper option and choose the app. It is a hassle-free program to operate and loads easily on your device.

Possible Downside:

Ads shown after completing the game are considered as its downside. In addition, the game does not have background music for remarkable entertainment purposes.


Fancy Balloon is a simple program and is highly recommended if you have kids who play with your device, or if you are someone who wants entertainment minus installing hardcore gaming apps. Furthermore, having an app with designs meant for kids is beneficial for adults who want to escape daily stress for several minutes.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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