First Cut – The Best Way to Watch Short Movies on the go!

First Cut is a new Android App that is designed to help users watch free online short movies on their Android devices. The app gives users access to kinds of movies from different genres like comedy and action and makes watching movies on your phone a seamless, painless affair. It has a broad range of movies in English and Hindi, and the numbers of movies in its database keep growing day by day.

The application covers all types of movies from the very latest comedies to thrillers real life adventures, horror and even musicals. First Cut has all the latest short films and is regularly updated, so it keeps you up to date with the latest short film offerings. It keeps users notified of the latest movies on offer as well details of upcoming movie attractions. It even has a channel dedicated to documentaries and other real life drama series. The videos all have great high definition format that works quite well with bright pictures that make it easy to watch and makes pictures come alive.

First Cut has a beautiful theatrical interface that is user-friendly and easy to use allowing the user to get conformable with it and start watching movies immediately after they install it. The screens and controls are intuitive and have an ease and simplicity that makes it a joy to use.

The app works with most popular video formats including MP4 and 3GP making it versatile and easy to use and ensuring that it does not result in high internet download charges. Using First Cut the user can either stream a movie or download it for viewing later or even have them marked for offline viewing later. The app can create a playlist of favorite movies giving the user the flexibility of watching what they like when they like.

First Cut works well with all kinds of internet access from 2G to 3G to 4G and of course, Wi-Fi, making it easy to use no matter what kind of mobile data plan a user is on. It requires little buffering and does not use up inordinately huge amounts of data and bandwidth making it a popular choice for all kinds of users – from your typical professional types to even students looking for the latest in entertainment and fun TV and movie series.

This app is all you need to turn your smartphone into a smart movie theater for hours and hours of entertaining fun.


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