Get Behind Social Media Restrictions With the Instagram DP Downloader

Instagram DP Downloader Concept

Are you looking for that download dropdown menu when you right-click on Instagram pics you’d like to have or have tried to long tap them on your smartphone to no avail? Well, Instagram images are impossible to download due to encryption and software measures, put in place for various purposes; one of those being to ensure the loyalty of users by limiting shareability exclusively to the platform. The Instagram DP Downloader offers you a key to locked doors, ensuring no one can tell you no to that awesome profile picture you love to bits. If there’s a DP you must have for one reason or the other, this app ensures you get all you want without having to sign in or sign up!


The Google App Store is where you need to stop by for the Instagram DP downloader which is available at no charge to you whatsoever. You can expect these functionalities:

  • Download images even while logged off from your Instagram account
  • Keep track of your downloads via the similarly named section and the history tab
  • Easy to use interface that lets you find an account by the profile URL, username, or full name thereby ensuring no one is out of bounds
  • Ability to download high-definition display pictures

How it works

Once you download and install the app, input the personal details suggested in the search panel then hit the search icon to your right. The app displays a list of possible accounts from your keywords and you can select the one you’re looking for from the pile. You’ll then be taken to a subsequent screen which displays the pic in magnified size while offering a download option toward the bottom right that allows you to save the image into your device.

How it stands apart from the crowd

With most DP downloader apps of today, there’s usually a catch for the service offered so that it’s essentially not as free as claimed. You may be required to follow an account in exchange or do some chores to gain passage, but that’s not the case with this app, which renders its services without hidden traps. You can download the pics you require without even needing to login in or sign up as is usually the case with a majority of the apps of this kind which would like you to jump hops first.

It delves straight to the point, getting you what you need quickly and hassle-free. Downloading Instagram DPs has never been this easy!

Price:  Free 


Download from Android Market

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