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Make New Friends With WeNowBuddy!

Social networking plays a vital role in today’s generation where smartphones started ruling the world. Android Market is not an exception to feel the heat. It provides users some brilliant apps to run on their Android device. WeNowBuddy, a simple social networking game delivers a unique way to connect people across the world!

WeNowBuddy, developed by GenBoulder is a social networking application, which gives you an exciting feel of connecting people through some interesting games. With this app you can play games like Telepathy (requires one player on other side) and Image, Stick (with 2 – 4 players).

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In Telepathy, you have to upload your photo and it will get shaded with a mosaic effect. This kindles curiosity on the other side to view your photo. Once you are connected with a buddy, you will be given a set of random questions, which both of you should answer. Based on the matching of your answers you can get closer to the opposite party and chat with the person if you wish!

You can reveal your picture to your partner before you go for a chat. The photo will be getting more visible for each exact matching answer and finally you can let your partner see you, if you wish.

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Another game in the app is the Image stick game where you can connect with two to four people at a time. Here again, the app will ask everyone some random questions and you can connect with the right one whose answers match your’s.

If you aren’t getting any buddies to connect, you can tap on the reconnect button on top right of the screen. Overall, WeNowBuddy is a different way of connecting people worldwide!

WeNowBuddy is available on the Android Market for free!

Rating: 4/ 5
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