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Modify Your Photos For Fun Instantly With PreggoBooth App On Android

Do you love taking photos and altering them to produce magic ideas? Well, you should be celebrating because, Android just made your hobby more interesting. PreggoBooth, is a new Android application that allows users to have endless fun. It has amazing features that will make your days brighter as you enjoy the magic it can bring to you, your friends and the people around you. It is available on Google play and what is more you get it for free!

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Have you already taken pictures with your device camera and perhaps might never have an opportunity to take such photos? Well then you can relax. PreggoBooth works very well with new and already taken photos existing in your photo gallery. Therefore, regardless of when photos were taken you will be in a position to alter them.

One of the most amazing strength of this application is found in its ability to allow the user to discover how they would look like in case they lost weight in some parts of the body. Have you ever wondered how you would look like with boobs without your big belly? Well, now you can tell and be in a position to control what parts of your body grows as well as by how much.

Have you ever wondered how well to pull a prank on your parents or friends who have not seen you for long? PreggoBooth will help you do it through processing photos that make you pregnant. It allows you to take a photo and then swipe it to observe the progress of your pregnancy from 0 to 3, 6 and to the 9 month.

The application allows you to see instant changes. When done with the photos, you can save the photos on the application which permits you to come to it later and make further changes if you want to. In addition you can save your changes in your photo library.

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You can share your altered photos with your friends through email, Facebook and Twitter instantly from within the application. Finally, it features Apps revolutionary body engine. Get it for free now at playstore and enjoy endless fun even with your friends.

You will get answers to questions you have had such as how your boyfriend or husband would look like when pregnant. Of course the modifications you obtain do not guarantee you exact predictions but PreggoBooth brings you fun and more fun! Ensure to work with full length photos for interesting results.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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