Get Spellbound by the Songs of Talking Lila the Fairy

Little fairies aren’t they just adorable. I used to love to watch movies and read stories on fairies and magic and even dreamt about them too. Now I have fun with a little fairy of my own, my little girl “Teena”. Well she’s just five and loves to sing and do little magical tricks around the house claiming that she’s helping me, but everything works out in the other direction. But we always have fun.

Now the one thing that Teena finds to be the best entertainment ever is playing with “Lila”, the little fairy that is on the app “Talking Lila the Fairy”. Oh! we just love her, Teena sits along all day playing with Lila and the best part is that Lila can talk. Teena just has to say something and Lila repeats it, you should see the look on Teena’s face when that happens.

Well, Lila does do a lot more than just talk, she sings and casts spells like making flowers appear and making the bells chime and a lot more, she actually has four spells for the day and four for the night. You can also tickle her to make her laugh and swipe the screen for her to twist. Poke her to make funny faces, switch between day and night, and also perform magic by pressing on the magic wand button or even hear her sing by pressing on the song button.

So as you can see, even an adult can have fun playing with Lila, but of course its for kids and we would get tired of playing with it after some time, but not when you have your five year old near you, the fun just gets better and better, with the expressions that come out on your little baby’s face, they are worth a treasure. So take videos and you also get to share them with friends through Facebook, and You tube and also send out emails and MMS’s to your friends and family. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, so bring more joy into your life and the lives of your children with “Talking Lila the Fairy”.

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