Talking Tom Cat: Meet the Talking Feline Phenomenon That is Taking the World by Storm

To say that the Talking Tom app is popular could prove to be an understatement. In fact, it could be safe to say that it’s already become a global phenomenon. Indeed, the signs point to nothing less than that. For one, if people make episodic videos out of how they interact with the infamous Tom, it’s possibly a good gauge of just how celebrated and patronized this app is. It’s no surprise then that it got a recent major update.

Even at a glance, the app’s overall design and interface undoubtedly leans more towards children (or the child at heart). And, with this update, much of the graphics and animations have been improved as well. It’s still equally easy to get the hang of how you can interact with Tom. The basic feature of the app is that every time you speak to the ever-so-alert feline, he will mimic what you say in the same way that a parrot does in real life (though not necessarily in the same intonation). Tom’s voice is high—pitched and intentionally meant to sound humorous.

Even the extra actions that you can perform on him are meant to result in cartoonish situations. For instance, there are a host of food items that you can choose to feed him. If you make him eat a chili pepper, it would cause him to spew flames from his ears and run around in a loony manner. You can expect similar things to happen when you select the other food items available for feeding. Other actions that he can perform include farting, which capitalizes on the almost innate humorous reaction that humans derive from the act, as well as scratching the glass of your Smartphone. Lastly, you can either “hit” him by tapping him once or simulate the action of caressing his fur (which he will immediately love) by making swiping and sliding motions over him with the tip of your finger.

In the settings, you can now turn Child Mode on. In this mode, all ads (banners and interstitial) would be disabled, so your kid can have all the fun he wants with Tom without being distracted by the said elements. You can also disable violence in the settings, besides other miscellaneous features like push notifications and enabling Tom to listen longer before repeating what you say to him.

Part of what made Talking Tom such a well-loved app is probably because, during its release, it offered something entirely new with how people can choose to interact with their smartphones. It was also introduced during a time when demand for apps that center on interaction, particularly online, is robustly growing (even now, it still arguably has an undying appeal). It’s for this reason that it’s very much on a league of its own. It set a blueprint for other apps to follow, though, but it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to them. This much you can expect from an app that has undoubtedly broken download records worldwide and is still being actively updated.

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