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The Must-Have App for All Shah Rukh Khan Fans!

Shah Rukh Khan App Concept

Having featured in upwards of 80 Bollywood films including the 2015-hit Dilwale, Shah Rukh Khan is arguably India’s biggest superstar. With numerous best actor awards under his belt, including 14 Filmfare awards, and many other prestigious accolades, SRK has deservedly earned sobriquets such as “Badshah of Bollywood”. “King Khan”, as he’s famously known, has a touching rags-to-riches story behind his charming personality, and he’s one of the country’s hottest topics.


The SRK app by HIPSTO follows the life of the Deewan star and brings you up-to-the-minute news about him and his latest ventures. It serves to fans of the multi-talented actor regular snippets of the ever eventful life of one of the industry’s biggest names, ensuring an all-you-can-eat SRK buffet at the tap of a screen.


HIPSTO’s unique A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) finds clusters and filters all the latest hot film and fan news about Shahrukh Khan, saving you time because you don’t have to search the internet anymore. Don’t miss out: get it now.


Features of the Shah Rukh Khan Application

Available on both Apple and Google platforms, SRK avails an immersive world that puts the sensational actor at the center of this universe. It has the following features:


  • An easy-to-use home page that provides a large and dated collection of SRK related stories for you to choose what you’d like to know to greater detail.
  • A five-star rating system that enables you to rate that particular piece and leave behind any opinions on the story in question.
  • A regularly updated database that serves up SRK rumors and stories when and as they happen.
  • Bookmark and share features that allow you to reel your Shah Rukh Khan loving friends into the conversion.




How it works

The SRK app by HISTO is as simple as they come in terms of operational mechanics. You don’t need to create an account or sign up; you can delve right into the homepage which presents a stack of the latest SRK gossip and updates. Clicking on a headline will reveal more information while also providing a platform for you to leave your thoughts and ratings.


If you’re looking for a particular story, the search icon at the top of the home screen allows you to curate whatever you want. Adjacent to the search button is the gear icon which enables you to customize the language, notifications, news channel, among other preferences. The bookmark icon at the top right corner lets you bookmark interesting stories you’d like to keep in your archives.




Why it stands out from its alternatives

HIPSTO’s SRK app is by a long mile the best in its niche due to the sheer volume of SRK information it puts at your fingertips. It’s continuously updated to keep you in the know and factor in its simplistic yet pleasant UI, and this app is the perfect digital SRK library!


You aren’t a true Shah Rukh Khan fan if you don’t have this app on speed dial! So head on over to your device’s app store and join millions of fans from all around the world in keeping tabs on this generation’s greatest actor!



Price:  Free


Download from Android Market




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