Eye Color Booth App Review

I always wanted to have blue eyes, I was always a thought that women with blue eyes were so pleasing to the eye, but unfortunately I don’t. On hearing about “Eye Color booth” is was extremely excited and wanted to see what it could do to change the look on my face too.


Lets see briefly what the app is capable of doing, well the app is designed to allow you to easily change the color of your eyes into any desired color of the multi-colored range exhibited or you could also change them to full-spectrum eyes as well. The wide range of colors that are exhibited by the app help you to achieve results that really match your face and which are authentic as well.

If you want to experiment some more, you could also use the app to change the colors of peoples eyes in group pictures to make them even more exciting, or try the same on your most loved snaps with different colors that you choose, giving them different looks like the calm and soft look of a little girl of a scary vampire look and you could also patch it up with other tools on your PC to add special effects like blood and more. Well this is just an idea, it’s up to you how you want to experiment with it.

Well the other feature that comes with the app is the “erase tool”, well its purpose is as simple as it sounds, it helps you erase additional color on the picture that you are working on. After you are done experimenting and once you have come to a conclusion on what you want, save up your pictures in your library and also share you artistic approaches with your friends as well through “Twitter”, “email” and “Facebook”. To add to this the app also features a portrait and a landscape option as well to spice up the picture change that you have made. So take the opportunity and go wild with “Eye Color Booth” and enjoy.

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