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Keeping track of your fluctuating expenses could prove to be daunting task. This is especially true if your expenses are varied and changes regularly. In this kind of scenario, nothing less than taking your finances into account is necessary. What’s good is that you won’t have to rely on typing each one on a piece of paper and making a formal financial statement. For the purpose, you can now rely solely on excellent income and expense tracker apps like Actfi in order to save your money in an optimal way.
The app pretty much excels in keeping things simple for users. It doesn’t have that overly complex interface, which only ever turns most people off. What’s worse is that a lot of users tend to shun money-saving apps due to the mere thought that they would have to perform daunting accounting and balancing of their finances. Even so, it’s definitely a must for every household to perform this as it really has long-term benefits.
Once you start the app, you are immediately asked to sign up for an exclusive account. You need to enter your e-mail then verify it to gain complete access to the app’s complete features. Once this is done, you may now start adding your financial details, starting with your expenses. You will be asked to describe each one, how often each is due and how much it costs, as well as the last date that it was due. The app would notify you every time a specific expense is due, unless you choose to disable its automatic notification feature.
With all your expenses listed, you may now gain an overview of them in the ?xpenses’ tab. The description, amount, due date, and type of each one would be made known to you. You may opt to add more expenses to this interface or edit each expense that you’ve already included. What makes the app even niftier to have is that it also keeps track of your income based on your latest expenses. You may add any source of income you have, and in the same way as expenses, label them with descriptions and append pertinent data to them.
However, in the income’ tab you will notice that the app also takes the liberty to remind you of your latest expenses that are coming up. Each one would be totaled automatically so you will know exactly and immediately how much would be deducted from your income source or current balance. That’s practically how practical and uncomplicated the functioning of the app is. Compared to other expense tracker apps, Actfi definitely makes itself entirely different with its simple and direct approach to presenting you with your regular finances. It’s also this reason why it certainly wouldn’t take long for just about anyone to get used to using this app. 

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