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Gullak is a popular finance expense manager mobile application whose sole intention is to help the user save money.

This app is exceptional at tracking daily expenses and is a good tool to help you save money each and every day. With this app, you can never miss paying any bills. The app is completely free to download and use. It does not have any of those annoying ads that come with other “free” apps.

The app allows for unique analyzing of data (including the patterns of your spending). It allows you to experience financial freedom like no other mobile application can. This is the most effective tracker of income and spending as well as a manager of money spending. It is the perfect way to control your money and save—the developers say—around 25 percent of your total monthly income.


• This app allows for expert analysis of data. It displays the results of this analysis on the screen of your mobile device in an attractive and smart graphical exemplification. With this app, you can get a clearer picture of your monthly income and your expenses in a series of charts and graphs. This way, you can easily weigh them up against each other.

• The user interface of this mobile application is smooth and easy to use. You can also customize said user interface to meet your specific requirements.

• The app sends you automatic SMS messages directly to your inbox. These text messages contain a summary of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. All you have to do is sync the SMS app with the Gullak app. This way, you are able to automatically track your daily, weekly and monthly expenses and bills. You can easily balance your funds.

• With this expense manager app, you can set a certain budget so as to control your spending and stop yourself from overspending when you don’t need to. You will get notifications to remind you of this.

• You can set reminders on the app to remind you to pay all your bills on time.

• You can use this app on a variety of different mobile devices from a number of locations (and access your data from all these devices). It lets you do this by allowing real time syncing of data.

• Customer support is available all day, every day if you need it.


There is no better mobile application to look for if you need to manage your expenses and save your money. Gullak Expense Manager and Money Saver is the perfect app for this job.

You can download it for your Android device via Google Play

Price: Free

Download from Android Market

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