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Gaudi Bruno – A Story of a Little Brown Bear and His Friends

All kids love listening to stories or reading them. These days, kids enjoy the privilege of reading books on their mobile devices. From classic tales to interactive science books, everything is now available in the electronic format. Storybook apps have introduced an interesting twist to the art of storytelling. They teach, entertain and keep children engaged. Let me introduce you to a storytelling app from Talesfactory named Gaudi Bruno.

The app belongs to the books and reference category in the Google Play store. Unlike the usual storybooks, Gaudi Bruno is very interactive and exciting.

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The app’s storyline is very interesting. Gaudi Bruno, the marsican brown bear cub lives with his family at the Abruzzo National Park in Italy. Every morning, he helps his father pick up all the sweetest berries in the woods. In the evenings, he helps his mother make muffins and cookies. He loves honey so much that he sneaks off from home to steal it.

The little bear often felt very lonely. One fine day, he learns that he is going to school and is excited about making new friends. Bruno’s parents warn him about how different other animals would be. To his parents’ surprise, Bruno learns many new things from his friends.

The app provides two options where you can choose to read by yourself or listen to the story being narrated. Children can easily practice reading as the words light up on the screen as they are read. Gaudi Bruno has got professional narration. Your kids will definitely enjoy the abundant interactive games within the story and Bruno’s world. The controls in the app are very simple. All your kid has to do is tap on the screen to enjoy the various animation effects. The app delivers a message that all animals are not the same and they are not dangerous. Every animal is unique and has its own nature. Gaudi Bruno also introduces kids to various animals like the wolf, hedgehog, fawn, bat and skunk.

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Gaudi Bruno is exclusively designed for children aged 3 to 7. The app allows you to switch between English, Spanish and Italian. The graphics are fantastic with many colors and details. I downloaded this app on my smartphone and instantly fell in love with the little bear and his cute smile. My nephew loves to listen to Bruno’s adventures at school, and dance along with the skunk, Sophie. I felt that the background music in the app could have been more natural.

Gaudi Bruno costs $3.55 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions. You can also check out the trial version of the app, Gaudi Bruno Lite.

Price: $3.55

Rating: 4.5/5


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